Let us take a ride in the wayback machine to when the series Star Trek:  the Next Generation was on the air and the episode Yesterday’s Enterprise was shown.  This was our first viewing, albeit a tease, of the USS Enterprise C, designated Ambassador Class.  God she was a beautiful ship and a well thought out evolutionary design.  In my opinion, the design was sound, although I was a bit puzzled as to why the powers that be decided upon a design that was more of a evolutionary step from the elder Constitution Class rather than the Excelsior Class.  When you matched the mass and volume of the two classes, it made more sense to build up from the latter.  Granted this is personal opinion, and I’m sure many others out there would have a logical explanation, but overall, the Ent-C was a good step towards the Ent-D, for which we grew to love.

In this design, I researched the many photos and drawings that were done of the original ship and thought about how it could have been made a little better.  Shortening the neck between the two hulls was a good thought which in turn would propose a swept back rather than the final design’s neck which resembled more of the Constitution.  The implementation of a revision to the dorsal shuttle bay length, which would provide more saucer area access for the famed main shuttlebay.  In essence, to outfit this class with more berthing room for shuttle, fighters, etc.

One pet peeve I’ve had with the elder classes of ships was the fact that the bridge stuck out like a sore thumb, hence the merging of the bridge with a larger deck, providing a little more room for bridge operations and of course, one less deck to plop on top of the ship.

The inclusion of impulse engine assemblies to the saucer section would aid in more maneuverability after saucer separation, while maintaining the main impulse engine assembly on the secondary hull.  I decided to show off the ship’s separation configuration as well to clarify and justify the design changes.

All in all the ship holds much of the same design elements, but there are several subtle changes that make the ship look meaner, more aggressive than it’s sister ship.  I designated this ship a refit, much like the Yamaguchi and the Zhukov, as they too had subtle changes in the design as well.





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