Jim has been in the CADD biz for 17 years and has no plans of stopping.  Drawing is his passion (next to a good carrot cake) and just recently took to designing Sci-Fi ships.  Star Trek wasn’t always his interest until he agreed to room with a friend back in Pittsburgh who was a die hard Trekkie.  After being subjected to constant episodes of the hit show, he put pencil to paper and the rest is history.

Here you will find assorted designs which were done utilizing Microstation and finished with Photoshop.  All designs were done using various mediums for reference only and the final drawings cleaned up and prepped for the web.  The are similarities with existing ships, some being “refits” or “reinventions”, but staying true as possible, in the biblical sense, to the established canon of the Trek Gods.

While he never claims to be a professional at this type of work, many of his collegues, friends, enemies would describe him as anal and rightfully so.  Professionalism in design is at the forefront of his mind (with the exception of a good carrot cake).  Go easy on him, he has enough stress to deal with on a daily basis.

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